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Diff is a thought. Born from an idea of the designer Maurizio Olivieri, it carries on its own research on the interior architecture and product’s design. It faces multiple artistic practices, trying to communicate in various ways and exploring many themes. It is a thought based on a strong sharing of modernistic assumptions, where different disciplines and art forms could converge to the realization of an artwork or a product more complete and mature. A thought therefore, open to the interaction between multiple artistic and professional figures, certain of the strength and the positivity that comes from those joint dynamics.

Diff is a designer brand. You give a logo or a name to put aside the label of architect, designer or artist in light of embrace the concept of a brand that could face every creative challenge and every artistic experience possible, and could also explore the design in various sectors trying to create a common central idea between the realizations and building at the same time a recognisable identity.

Diff is a business idea. It fits its roots in the market of a self-made design, realizing high quality products made by local artisan realities, rediscovering the multiples possibilities offered by an Italian handmade product, as an outcome of the direct interaction between the technical thought and the artistic one. Diff creations, facing new dilemmas, offer new usages and follow new paths, in line with the contemporary dynamics but with certain planning features and stylistic languages that come from the past.

Diff has the ambition to counter the cultural-economic decline of nowadays, and wants to build a new solid starting point for a course of the research and personal exploration of the architecture, design and arts.

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